Monday, September 26, 2011

The Clowards visit to California

Michele, John, Boston and Naomi came to California for a quick 4 day visit.  We spent that first Saturday at our obligatory visit to Pixie Playland . . .

That's Boston with his hands up on the roller coaster - he's a dare devil!

Sunday we went together to our Nephew's homecoming talk, hung out with Tanner and Josie at the house -  Tanner trained the kids to surf on his back (I think he gets a free back rub in this deal)
 Naomi surfing on Tanner too . .

Do these photos indicate how wound up we had the kids at this point?  They LOVE their Uncle Tanner and Josie.  They can never get enough of her :)

A fabulous Sunday dinner at my Mom's (it's always like Thanksgiving when we have dinner there)

Then we spent 2 quick days in Tahoe - the guys golfed, we rode bikes, hung out, ate and had a picnic.

The time went by way too fast.  Then it was back home - I started my new job and that explains in part why this blog post is 6 weeks late and there has been nothing to post since.  Waiting for grand baby #7 - (can you see Michele's prego tummy/)  I expect to be off for that next big event in the next few weeks.  Photos to follow for sure.


Kristen said...

I love all of your pictures of Chicago. I don't do a very good job anymore touring Chicago, so it was fun to get some good ideas for our next trip. Your grandkids are adorable!

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