Friday, February 22, 2008

A BIG Week

OK - I am way behind on my blogging. I did manage to get Tanner's blog updated with all our events of the past week. If you want to see more pictures and hear all about it click into the link for Elder Hunt's blog.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Snowmobling Trip: Just the Dudes

There are too many stories and funny times to tell that would describe the guys' recent snowmobiling trip to Yellowstone. Here's just a few things that we should remember to remind us of how awesome it all was:

John actin a fool and driving off a cliff 20 mins into the first day; dad yelling at him

John falling off his snowmobile repeatedly throughout the trip while it was moving 5mph

Dad falling on his back off the snowmobile with his feet still on the machine


Crappy gushers pizza

"Do you want me to wrap some bacon around that?"

Peeing everywhere in the mountains and Paul filming it all

Overflowing the hot tub each night we sat in it

Funny missionary stories

"I wanna see a fairy"

'They call the bear kionahu, which means, bear'

'Bears are more like cows'

'If you wanna take your bear out to lunch….but you know your friends might stare'

"What machine is the Little One riding?"

giant icicles

"Don't do that it's my pet peeve."

Dad almost killing himself

Landon jumping off his snowmobile

Tube Top

"I was just being stupid, honey."

Beer in our orange juice

Crappy pancakes

"The bear can become invisible, predict the future, and even juggle."

Dr. Pepper in our water

Bullwinkles….or was it Western Pizza??

Lame TV


And all the pics below...

Thanks, guys, the trip was da bomb. Our biggest thanks to dad, the greatest snowmobiler ever, for making it all happen. You're the best!

Guys Snowmobiling Trip

Friday, February 01, 2008

Boston gets bigger

This picture of Boston makes him look like a little bruiser - maybe he's growing so fast because if he had his way he would eat all day long. However, other days he would rather sleep all day and party at night. Either way he will certainly be keeping his Mommy busy :) I hate to say goodbye to this cutie - but luckily I will be back in 2 weeks when we take Tanner to the MTC.
Boston has been so much fun to be with - what an adorable little guy.

Boston meets his Grandpa

John came out to meet Boston when he was 5 days old. They had a great time just hanging out together.