Monday, May 16, 2011

A few random photos from the "Happy Place"

Entering the "Happy Place".
(if you're a Hunt you may have a funny memory about the last time we were in the "Happy Place" - remember?)

Don't they look happy?

More smiles -

Being silly . . .

Doesn't get much better that being here with your family :) I was sure happy!

Blizzard Beach -

Blizzard Beach shots . . .

isn't she adorable?

Boston loved the water . . .

So did Avery . . . we all did. I especially loved how the water was actually warm - no shock to the system when you went down a waterslide - just pure fun.

Of course eventually the kids wore out -

Naomi completely crashed - but not until we had all had a lot of fun!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Disney World

John and I just got back from a fun packed trip that consisted of - 72 hours, 3 Disney World parks, 5 grandkids and their parents and lots and lots of fun!

Taking pictures was not a big priority on this fast paced trip. I did get this one of Michele's family in the Magic Kingdom.

And this one of Summer's family at Epcot.

My usual method of take several and one will be good of everyone didn't apply here - Noah hates to have his picture taken - especially when he's facing the sun and it's HOT. (Come to think of it who does?) He was a good sport but I had to laugh when I looked at how he was NOT liking it.

(check out the progression as I try to snap a better shot)

So this was the last "Kodak Moment" I requested and we just focused on having fun. No problem there - the trip was a blast. Lots of fun memories - I'm so glad we were there for those priceless moments of watching the kids on the rides, scream, giggle, or have their eyes get BIG . . . it was so much fun. Next best thing (maybe even better) to being a kid again :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Boogie Boarding

Remember how much fun you all had boogie boarding in the ocean?

Noah would find the best waves to ride in . . .

He was out there in the big stuff . . .

He even gave surfing a try . . .

You rock Noah!!!

Alex was out there too . . .

riding in on the waves

I couldn't believe how brave she was . . .

They both could keep at it for hours.

So sweet to see Noah helping his little sister so she didn't miss out on any of the boogie boarding fun . . .

She likes it too!

Isn't she a cutie?

You guys were all awesome in the waves. I'd say that boogie board had to be one of the best investments of the summer.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Water Taxi in Jacksonville

Remember when we took the water taxi?

Pretty tricky how Alex's doll made the ride without falling in the water . . .

Also pretty tricky how the guy on the boat offered to take a picture of all of us and Noah tricked us and got out of the picture without us knowing . . .

Noah like to be a man of mystery -

Beach House on Amelia Island

Remember how we got to spend a couple of nights at the beach house on Amelia Island?
We could go right out our back door to the beach . . .

And this was our view -

The water and waves were wonderful and we had lots of time to play . . .

We didn't have to take the beach toys and boogie boards too far.

It was like we had a private beach - there was hardly anyone around . . .

Remember the jellyfish?
And all the sea shells? We looked for sharks teeth too - and some nice beachcombers gave one they found to Noah.

Remember seeing this windsurfer come riding down the beach?

And we even spotted some dolphins out in the waves . . .

Everyone loved the water - it was the best!

The Alligator Farm

Remember the day we went to the Alligator Farm?

I've never seen so many alligators in my life!

Remember when the alligator guy got in the alligator pit with like 73 alligators?

and they were BIG!

Good thing Alex found a nice one . . .

We saw a ton of cool things - and Noah knew all about the snakes and reptiles.

I thought this was the weirdest one of all . . .

and the albino one was pretty cool too . . .

It was a super fun day - I'll never forget it :)