Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our 1st few days with Avery -

This is a classic picture of Alex with Avery - Alex is so excited about her baby sister - can you tell?
This is Avery when she is 1 day old - she came home from the hospital in this cute little outfit.
Here she is at 2 days old . . .
Thursday - when she was 3 days old was the first time I had her alone without her siblings to do a little photo shoot. (the kids were both at school this morning) so I made Avery pose for a lot of
pictures for me.

This is Avery letting Grandma know she is happy to oblige her photography obsession . .
This is Avery letting Grandma know enough is enough!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Big Announcement -

The Gunn family is thrilled to announce the arrival of -Avery Jane Gunn - born October 19th weighing 7 lbs 13 oz - she is absolutely beautiful.
Noah was excited and wanted to hold her over and over,
Alex squealed with delight and wanted to play with her.
Summer is looking great and doing well. She came home from the hospital today.
Here's everyone with their newest family member - Avery is a little sweetheart and is patiently dealing with everyone wanting to handle her. I got here when Avery was about 9 hours old -I thought that was doing pretty good considering how it took me two flights and an 1 1/2 hr shuttle ride. This Grandma feels pretty lucky to be here for all the excitement.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The rest of my Utah trip-

I had such a good time with Boston and Naomi - they are so much fun. With things being as busy as they were I didn't get as many photo ops as I wanted - but I just had to share a few more-
Boston playing peek a boo with me in his tube
She is just so cute I can't get enough of her
the kids just having fun
Had to try to get one photo of Naomi's cute "cheeks"
Aren't they adorable? Next stop - Summer's house. I'm just waiting for the call that the baby is on the way. Being a Grandma is so much fun!

Friday, October 09, 2009

A Beautiful Day -

Today was a beautiful warm day -

we played with toys and scooted around the house,
we bounced,

we went for a walk around the neighborhood,
and when we got back home Naomi took a nap and Boston got to play in the backyard.

He couldn't have been happier,
or cuter. These pictures are for their Mom and Dad who are missing their little cuties.

Naomi -

Naomi is just the sweetest happiest easy going baby. Every once in a while she will holler when
she notices that Boston is getting all my attention. When I talk to her she will give me a big smile - compared to the first day when I couldn't get her to smile for me at all.I took these the first day of her showing off her patty-cake moves. Isn't she darling?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

First Day -

Michele and John left for Florida at 6 am this morning. It was my first full day with the kids. All was going well - we had pancakes for breakfast, we played, we bought some new kids books to read, we had lunch, took naps. Naomi woke up first and I took LOTS of pictures (more about those later). We were reading . . .
playing with lots of toys and kicking the ball around. Then I sat down at the couch to give Naomi her bottle, Boston was playing right behind me. I heard him stumble (probably tripping on the above mentioned toys all over the floor). He cried and I put Naomi down and Boston was already standing up again but he was acting funny - like he was hurt but I couldn't even tell where for sure. I checked him and watched him - he was using both legs and both arms - but then a little later he went to crawl up onto the couch and he started to cry when he put weight on his arm - oh no!

After a phone call to his mom, dropping Naomi off to a neighbor, and a trip to the urgent care clinic we came home with his arm in a splint - he had a buckle fracture - (in about the exact same place as Landon's). The Dr. wants to wait until Monday to put him in a cast - just in case of any swelling. Boston is doing fine - Grandma is still feeling terrible about it all.
I am hoping Day 2 is less eventful. I certainly can't think of any one else I should have to take to get X-rays any time soon - this has been plenty for the past 2 weeks.