Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well here's the picture . . .

Photography Class Assignment

Due in part to my current obsession with the camera - I took a photography class in San Francisco. I loved it. I loved the teacher. I'm not sure I loved all the assignments - but it did
get me taking a TON of pictures (of which I have yet to edit and sort). But it was all worth it to capture this one shot - it is currently my favorite . . . .

My current OBSESSION . . . .

I can't stop taking pictures of my grandkids. They are so adorable - (and I think I am trying to compensate for the fact that I took really pathetic pictures of my own darling kids - with an
incredibly lousy camera). Now - I am looking for photo ops everywhere.

Watch out Noah, Alex, and Madden - me (and my camera) will be out to see you in just 2 weeks. I can't wait! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Did you know -

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A good time to remind everyone that all my dresses have been marked down 70% off. It makes it a great time to pick one out for yourself - while I still have some inventory left.
You can find our full collection here. Tell your friends and Happy Shopping!

Monday, August 24, 2009


This last weekend was wonderful! John and I flew to Utah on Thursday and then on Friday morning I go to go with Michele and John and their kids to the courthouse where they appeared before a judge for the adoption finalization of Naomi. It was pretty cool to hear the judge tell them that based on all the reports and information he had been given about them and seeing them interact with Naomi - that is was obvious that she was in a good home and very loved. He said it was a privilege to be able to make the adoption final and permanent.

Here's the happy family outside of the courthouse.

Then it was back to Michele's to play with the kids and start our preparations for our big day Saturday. Tiffany came out for the weekend so Naomi and Madden got to "play" together.

Saturday Naomi was sealed to her parents in the Salt Lake City Temple. When they brought Naomi and Boston into the sealing room - both all dressed in white and wide-eyed - it was the sweetest thing ever. It obviously wasn't just me that thought so - when the kids were they brought in there wasn't a dry eye n the room. Sniffles and happy tears were everywhere. It was a beautiful thing to be able to witness - your sweet grandchildren in the Temple with their parents and to see your daughter and son-in-law SO happy.

Here they are outside the Salt Lake City Temple

and here's all the family and friends that were there to share this experience with them.

An incredible and memorable day.

Then it was back to Michele's house where Naomi was blessed. She looked so beautiful and was such a good girl all day - I think she really was enjoying it all.

Then it was time to celebrate - we had dinner, visited, and played with the kids. I gathered up the Hunt side of the family for a quick photo.

We all feel very blessed to have this darling little girl as part of our family.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I just learned something new!

I have been wanting to figure out how to make my pictures big like I see on other peoples blogs. Tiffany just learned how and called and talked me thru it - Thanks Tiff!!! Very cool.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Peyton's Wedding Weekend

This last weekend - Michele came into town for her cousin Peyton's wedding.

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was lots of fun. I am so glad Peyton gave these guys a reason to come out to California :)

because we got to enjoy visiting with them and playing with the grandchildren

Landon enjoyed having the kids here too

and we also enjoyed the chance to have my parents over to visit with everyone - (they were also the best babysitters while we were at the Temple). I think it's pretty wonderful that they can keep up with their great grandchildren - but my parents are always there for us - whatever the request is - they are awesome!

Great grandchildren seem a long ways off for me - but I am thoroughly enjoying being a Grandma -it's the little moments like a baby falling asleep in your arms that are just precious. Life is good!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Taking pictures of Boston -

I was so excited to have Boston in town - he is so adorable and I wanted to get some great photos of him . . .
weather - perfect
backyard - looking good
Boston - always on the move - OOOPS

So despite grand visions of beautiful childrens photography - mostly what I got was pictures like these . . .

Boston walking away from me . .

I got him to hold still for a couple of seconds . . .

He is adorable . . .

I will have to be content that I captured him in typical boy mode - playing with a stick,

looking for his ping pong ball,

and my personal favorite - sitting on the stairs with a smile on his face.

Just a few things I LOVE about Naomi -

I love Naomi's expressive eyes - I especially love when she give me that ???? look . . so cute.

in our house we call this "the lip". All of or kids have done it when they are on the verge of crying - Naomi is carrying on the family tradition :)

I love the rolls on her legs - she is getting a little chunky after being so tiny for so long.

I love how Naomi loves to be held and talked to - and will happily go to anyone. We didn't have to wait for her to get used to us. She went to all of us immediately - and the only question was who gets to hold her now. (Landon loved snuggling with her and making her laugh).

And her little smile and giggle that goes with it is priceless.

Naomi is so lovable - don't you agree? (She was also a pretty good sport about Grandma having the camera pointed at her a lot). She's only been gone a few hours and I miss her already. Lucky for me I will see her in 2 weeks when we go out for her sealing/blessing day that we have all been waiting for and looking forward to. Can't wait :)

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This last week I got a visit by these two sweethearts . . .

we spent our first day all together in Monterey - we thought Boston would love the Aquarium

It was a GORGEOUS day in Monterey - I can't hardly remember a day when the weather was so nice there - we all had a great time.

I always love seeing the jelly fish . . . (the seahorse exhibit was pretty cool too).

Boston loved the splash zone.

It was a great day all around for everyone.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Boys will be boys -

I'm lucky that all of Landon's friends are so nice -
because lately Landon's summer past time is hanging out with his friends and playing with guns

these 7 boys and their 7 air soft guns kept themselves busy for nearly 6 hours in the backyard

they also turned the cottage into their bachelor pad/ammo dump. So far we have all survived.

I woke up the other day to this . . .

we had some surprise visitors during the night

not only was there a lot of TP - but lots of posters . . .

all for Landon!

So guess who was in charge of the clean up? Yep - it took Landon quite a while but what goes around comes around right?