Monday, November 12, 2007

35 hours in NYC

Michele and I had the most whirlwind business trip ever with a short 35 hours total in New York City. Very interesting experience - learning the inside scoop on the garment industry. It was all work and no play except for this quick trip to the top of the observation deck of the Empire State Building. There's a funny story behind this picture but you'll have to call and ask me about it - I'm blogged out. I really don't know how Summer manages to blog as much as she does - but thank goodness she does - and you all do. It really helps me to feel more in touch with what's going on with all of you - so keep up the good work! I'm done for now :)

Saying Goodbye

I wanted one last picture with Noah - but what can I say - I don't think he wanted it. He wouldn't sit close to me and this picture cracks me up because he's looking like he's just not too sure about me! I guess now I'm bugging my grandkids about photo op's just like I bugged my own kids. Oh well - I still believe some day you'll be glad :)

Last squeeze for Alex

It was time to say goodbye after a very fun week + Alex is such a cuddler - I'm so glad our good bye was only for about 10 days and then they'll be here. That's never happened before.

Alex's new snow hat

Alex is tricky to get a pciture of - she is constant motion. She looked so cute in her new snow hat! Noah looked cute too in his new coat and boots but he refused to let us take a pciture at all.

Activities with the kids

We kept very busy the 4 days Paul and Summer were gone. It was so much fun doing little trips, playing games, and then racking my brain for more songs, games, things to do to keep them occupied. It was fun - It made me remember back when I had little ones - and also how BUSY it is. Summer has my greatest admiration for keeping up with all that she does. I'm so glad I was able to come out and spend all this quality time with Alex and Noah. John and Landon were such good sports during my absence.
Thanks guys!
I got Alex a bouncy cow to ride on. You should see her bounce!

We made a Parade!

Playing Superhero

The kids love jumping on Mom and Dad's bed. They would yell "Superhero" and jump. I loved hearing Alex's little voice yell "SUPERHERO". She is so cute and tries her best to do everything Noah can do.

Trip to the Pet Store

I wish you could have all seen the kids at the pet store. Summer told me they liked to go there. Noah ran in and started running through the store as fast as he could yelling - "Grandma look at the dogs, come see the fish, here's the birds," etc. etc. Alex would stand up to the dogs behind the glass and they would jump up to the window - she didn't seem to understand they were behind glass and she would get scared but excited all at the same time and she would sort of do this little dance on her feet and nearly hypervenilate - it was hilarious!

Noah at the pet store

See Below -

That picture of Alex I think I took after a difficult struggle to get her hair in pigtails. I've never been good with hair - and the fact that I am slow and Alex doesn't like to have it done produced the following results - I don't think Alex was too thrilled with Grandma as her hair stylist.

Getting Crafty

We did craft projects - Noah couldn't get enough of his sticker projects he was very proud of them.

Are you sure these are washable making pens?

Alex got as much maker pens on herself as on her paper - I was getting worried she was ruining her clothes so when I tried to keep her from getting them on her I realized she thought it was funny and just scribbled on her shirt more. :)

A bike ride around the neighborhood

The first day I was with the kids we went for a bike ride around the neighborhood - (I pushed Alex in the BOB). Noah demonstrated his tricks -notice the first pic - bike riding with no hands!
Every so often Noah would stop to pick up a leaf or a stick to add to his collection. There are so many trees there and they were in their fall colors - I've never hit it just right in my trips before, it was so beautiful. Alex just enjoyed the ride, her blankie and her thumb.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halloween Night in Cleveland

I was lucky enough to come in the night before Halloween to stay at Summer's with the kids. This isn't a good picture but we got the kids dressed and out the door and met at Summer's friends house. It was a beautiful evening and kids started showing up in their costumes to all go out trick-or-treating together. While we waited for everyone they ran around the front lawn happy as could be in their costumes. They were so cute. This moment made me have deja vu for all the Halloween nights I spent out with my own kids in costume. Thank goodness for grandkids or all the fun stuff might be over. I was so glad I got to be there - and I bet Summer was glad too because with Paul already in Miami, two trick-or-treat bags, and two trick-or-treaters full of energy and running the streets of Cleveland I don't know how she would have managed the night alone :) Thanks for sharing the moment with me Summer!

Noah - the Pilot

Noah was a pilot and looked very cool in his costume.

Alex in Costume

Getting a picture of Alex in her cute ladybug costume turned out to be the impossible feat. Here she is from the back anyway - she looked darling!

Trick or Treating in Cleveland

Taking the kids out Trick-or-Treating was super fun. Summer met up with some other friends in the ward and all the kids were so cute. Alex was a handful - a squirmy ladybug and Noah thought it was a great event. He would run ahead up to the doors and thought it was great how all you had to do was say "Trick or Treat" and people gave you candy. His only complaint was his candy bag was too heavy. He wanted Grandma to carry it all night :)