Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Double Date . . .

It's sort of a family tradition to take out our children and their fiancee's for a special double date in order to get to know them better. We had a lot more time with Josie then we've had with any of our future son-in-laws that lived out of state but we thought it was a great tradition to keep going anyway - so it was more of a celebration of their engagement than a get-to-know-you. So Saturday afternoon we headed out.

We decided to take them to see Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco.

We wanted to do something with them they had never done before. The show - which is a musical spoof on the days current events didn't disappoint - it was hilarious.

The costumes and songs were outrageously funny.

and guess where we sat? On the front row! I've never sat on the front row of anything before - it was cool.

And of course they are famous for their unbelievably big hats. It was great fun!

Then after the show we went and had a memorable dinner at Boulevard - we got the best table in the house - and they brought out Tanner and Josie's desserts with little Congratulations signs on them - made out of chocolate of course.

Don't they make a cute couple! We're so happy for both of them.
Welcome to the family Josie :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love a view!

I LOVE a view . . . .

This was our view on Friday afternoon and Saturday. We went into San Francisco to celebrate our anniversary. John has a golf buddy that has offered for years to let him come stay at his condo in San Francisco since he flies home on the weekend.

This is the view from his place. AWESOME! I could have just stared out the window all weekend. We almost did. We relaxed, walked, talked, read and stared out at the bay a lot.
the morning fog . . .

I entertained the fantasy of retiring in a high rise in San Francisco.

Then I imagined living the gypsy life and living in a cool city for a year and then moving to the next cool city for the next year . . . I figure our kids and grandkids would come to visit us if we always lived somewhere cool. What do you think?

It was nice to have 24 hrs of total down time - no TV (even though there was one), lots of walking, talking, and being spoiled at a really great greek restaurant just across the street from where we stayed.

A very memorable 31st anniversary! Thanks John.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The romance continues . . .

I got these flowers delivered to me today. Big surprise! And seriously the biggest bouquet I've ever seen. They are gorgeous - the pictures don't do it justice at all.

5 white roses to represent our 5 children, 6 yellow roses to represent our 6 grandchildren.
31 roses in all to represent 31 years of marriage.

Life is good! Especially when you're married to an incredibly thoughtful, generous and romantic guy. It's a very Happy Anniversary :) Thanks John - I love you!