Sunday, February 22, 2009

Highlights of my trip to Utah

Here's a few quick highlights of my last week's trip to Utah :

Getting to meet and get to know my new granddaughter Naomi -
Watching Boston walking everywhere - last month he was still crawling.

Seeing Boston having fun with the new toy I got him - (being a Grandma is so much fun!)

Getting suprised with flowers and chocolates from my son-in-law on Valentine's Day. Do Son -in-laws get any better than this? Sorry everyone - but I think I've got the best there is!

Making a cute name banner for Naomi's room and giving the nursery some girly touches.

Getting lots of time to hold this precious little girl that has stolen my heart!

I just couldn't get enough of her - or take enough pictures of her either. She's just too cute.

Maybe the biggest highlight of all was seeing Michele SO HAPPY! What more could a mother ask for. It is a very sweet and sentimental thing to witness your daughter being a wonderful mommy herself. Naomi is a very lucky little girl to have the family she has - of course we know it was all meant to be. Very sweet indeed.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Let me introduce you . . .

Let me introduce you to our new granddaughter - Naomi Grace.
She is a little miracle - to hear all about how she came to join Michele and John's family watch Michele's blog for more details. I arrived in Utah on Wednesday a few hours after she came home from the hospital and have been enjoying my Grandma time ever since. Life is wonderful!
She is so sweet and simply adorable . . . .
Michele and I have been having fun photographing her - you will be seeing a lot more of her.

She was born on Monday weighing in at 6 lbs 2 oz and she has captured all our hearts. She is such a blessing - we are all thrilled!