Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy 27th Summer!

Wow, 27 years old - how time flies. I must admit that having Alex here a few weeks ago I had a lot of deja-vu moments - where I remembered how it was when Summer was 2. Here's some of the ways Alex and Summer are alike -

They will break into song at any time - you never know when - it's so cute.
They both love doing "the trick" They can both throw really big tantrums :)
- and they both know exactly what they want and how they want it
They both love to dance

They have endless amounts of energy - much of which they use to get into mischief.

They both say the funniest things - Summer is the reason I started the infamous kid quote book. It's so funny to get a glimpse into how a 2 year old thinks

Even if I did their hair cute - they both run around so much their hair always ends up looking wild

They both wake up happy - I used to know Summer was awake because I would here singing or humming coming from her crib

She's a good sister

Her smile will melt your heart and her kisses are priceless. There's nothing I'd rather do than cuddle with her

So Summer - if your daughter grows up to be anything like you (and she's following in your footsteps so far) you will be very happy, proud, and feel very blessed - just like I do. I love you! Happy Birthday - and thanks for all the happy memories.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Med School Graduation!

Last weekend Paul graduated from Med School. Hurray!!! We couldn't be more proud of these two. They've both worked so hard and sacrificed a lot the past 4 years. It is an amazing accomplishment. They deserve to have those big smiles on their faces. Congratulations!!!!
Paul and Summer right after graduation outside Severance Hall - in the Case Western University Campus - Cleveland.
The Med students graduation was held in Severance Hall - it was a gorgeous building on the inside and out - it was pretty stunning. It is where they have their symphony concerts.
This is what came up on the big screen in the Hall as Paul came across the stage to accept his diploma and be hooded. (One of the few graduates with children by the way).
Paul's parents and John and I were all there to celebrate their accomplishment
Celebrating with Noah and Alex on their front porch Next week it is goodbye Cleveland - Hello Rochester Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Cute . . .

I'm not very good with words - but I'll let these pictures speak for themselves as to why being a grandparent is so fun . . . aren't they so cute and adorable? It's these moments that make my stage of life so enjoyable and rewarding.

Life's Simple Pleasures

One of the joys of having Alex and Noah out here the last 10 days was seeing the joy they find in the simple pleasures of life - like swimming on a hot day,
walks to the park and playing in the backyard

playing with the squirt bottles outside

playing with Cali
eating cookies with your Great Grandma and Grandpa
throwing acorns into the creek
Great Grandma showing the kids her owl puppet We simply had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And I thought my house was child-proofed

I went thru the house before the grandkids got here and thought I had pretty much child-proofed it. Alex is constantly proving me wrong. She pulled a glue stick out of the desk drawer and used it a lipstick. When I walked in and saw her I said - "That's Yucky" She agreed and wiped her pasty lips on my pant leg. I didn't think this artificial arrangment on the hearth would be a problem - but ever since Alex decide to pick and eat the berries - we have put that up too.
Yesterday we went swimming at the March's. Michelle was so accomodating and after we were done with the pool invited us in for some lemonade. I was helping Noah with something and I turned around and Alex had decided to share her lemonade with their dog (and consequently with Michelle's rug). Like I said - never a dull moment.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I The other day Alex was sagging like crazy! I kept pulling up her pants and they just kept dropping down. It was so funny - I haven't seen this much sagging at my house since Tanner was in Jr High.

Lucky for me this was an easy problem to remedy - a trip to Old Navy and Alex was looking good! It's fun to be a Grandma.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to the best mom a daughter could ask for. I hope your day is wonderful and easy and that your grandkids say "please" and "thank you" and that you know that your 5 kids in 2 countries and 4 different states are all thinking of you and thanking their lucky stars that they got you for a mom. I know I am. I love you and hope you know how much!
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Pixie Playland

Pixie Playland was a big hit with the grandkids -

We rode the train, the tea cups, and 2 rounds on the merry-go-round. If Alex had her way she would still be on it.

Feeding the ducks

Saturday I took the kids to the park to feed the ducks. They had a lot of fun.
Fearless Alex wanted to pet them (even though they were as big as her) but the ducks and geese weren't having any of that.

We even ran into some friends - Matt, Lacy, and their daughter Regan. I told Noah that Matt knows his Dad because they served in the same mission together. Then Matt asked if Noah knew his niece and nephew - Austin and Avery. Noah's eyes got so big - he couldn't believe it. Austin and Avery are his best friends that he goes to pre-school with. He couldn't believe this guy knew his friends! (Matt's sister lives in Cleveland and were in Summer's ward and her twins are in Noah's pre-school co-op). I am always amazed what a small world it is within the church.