Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Landon at 14 -

I realized we had not had nice pictures taken of Landon in quite a while - the picture hanging in the hallway looks like he's 9! I wanted some good pictures now that his braces are off and he's got those pearly whites again. So here are a few . . . This picture is my favorite - that's Landon's typical happy-go-lucky smile (above)
Landon is pretty much a mothers dream come true - he's obedient, happy, thoughtful, considerate, etc..... Sometimes I can't believe that he is actually in the teenage years. I know we still have 4 years of High School ahead - but for right now I am thankful every day that I am not an empty nester quite yet - and that I have such a sweet kid still here at home with me. He's so easy to please and fun to be with. Keep spoiling me Landon - I love it!