Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bridal Show at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

January 17th was the day of the big, once a year, bridal show at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC. We were excited for this event because everyone had told us it is the best bridal show of the season. We set up our booth and talked to brides all day long. The funnest part though was the fashion show:
I wish I had a picture just of the room they had the fashion show in - it was set up gorgeous - with a garden theme - there were flowers dripping from these gorgeous chandeliers and the run way was beautiful. The MC was the former Miss Utah and the fashion show was very classy.

It was fun to have John and Landon out for the weekend to see the show with us - now they have a better picture of what Michele and I have been spending so much time on.

We even enlisted my niece - Peyton to model for us. She was fantastic!

All in all a great weekend - it was rewarding to hear the compliments re: our bridal and special occasion line and to get to share the weekend with the whole family together.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Snowboarding New Year's Day

Landon has set a goal for himself that he want to get good a snowboarding this year - so what better way to start the year then to take a friend and head to the slopes on New Years Day. Landon and Johnny take off

A quick stop for lunch and they were back to the slopes.

By the end of the day Landon was zipping down the slopes - making it look easy.
A great way to start 2009!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Family Get together

My brother Gary, that lives in Florida, flew in with his family on Christmas Day for a quick visit. We all got together at my Mom's house and had a traditional family dinner (which at my Mom's house is like a Thanksgiving feast!) Here's the whole bunch of us (minus one photographer) Here's all the Hunt's with my Mom and Dad -
Here's the Clowards -

Here's the Brimhalls -

Here's the Grahams -

and here's all the cousins together. Due to the fact that my kids are grown and gone and neither one of us make frequent across the country trips my 2 girls had never even seen Marc yet (Gary's youngest boy - age 8) Seems crazy! Of course my boys and Gary's boys have gotten together several times in the past 5 years, but still time flies by without seeing as much of each other as we would like. It was nice to have a chance to all be together again.

At this point I have taken every possible family combination picture and everyone had had enough - so we went on to more enjoyable activites - like eating dessert and hanging out and more visiting.

Boston's first steps

We got to see Boston take his first steps - It was all very exciting. He showed off for us all a few times
and then he was done -

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Here's a few more highlights from the actual holiDAY. Boston's Great Grandpa (Faye's dad) getting better acquainted with Boston.
Boston in his Christmas P.J.'s

Opening Christmas presents together

Boston playing with his new blocks

Boston wearing his poncho from Uncle Tanner in Mexico.
Despite what the picture may indicate the whole day wasn't all about Boston - we all got to enjoy our call with Tanner Christmas afternoon. We used the speaker phone and all got to talk to him and hear his stories (and his mexican accent). It was good to hear him sounding so happy and well and to hear his stories and his take on life in Mexico that was "classic Tanner". It was a wonderful Christmas Day!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Week Highlights -

There were a lot of highlights from this past Christmas week - here are a few: Tiffany and Randy coming to California -and seeing Tiffany's baby bump - how exciting!
Michele and John coming into town with Boston

I have at least another 150 pictures of this cutie I took this week - he's just so adorable -

We couldn't get enough of him . . .
eating out

walking around San Francisco

scoring on great Christmas deals

and just hanging out together. One night we were all watching a comedy DVD - and all laughing together. Then John C. laughed so hard he fell off his chair on to the floor. We were all hysterical!! So thanks John C. and thanks Brian Regan - I can't remeber the last time I laughed so hard!