Sunday, September 23, 2007

22 weeks! (but who is counting?)

So we had our 20 week ultrasound. He is beautiful and weighs 1 lb 1 oz. He looks very healthy and is growing right on schedule. He moved his eyes and mouth during the ultrasound, it was crazy. He moves so much and now I can feel him almost constantly. I have gotten much bigger over the last 2 weeks, I think he had a growth spurt, or I am just eating too much. Either way, I'm starting to really show and John loves it... he says my belly doesn't even look real. When the baby kicks or punches hard John can feel it so exciting, it makes the pregnancy seem like it is finally real. I spend a lot of time in the nursery these days. We ordered a glider and I can't wait for it to get here so we can put it in there and I can sit in it and wait for him : ) I still have mixed feelings about whether or not I want to be pregnant forever or if I just want him out... though the bigger I get and more uncomfortable it becomes, the more I want him here. I can't wait to see his little face. It is the strangest feeling all the sudden to imagine him being out of my body and in my arms. The last week I have been feeling different about him... like he is real and I actually love him like a mother loves her baby, and I think about who he is and where he is coming from and how he is half of John and me and I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed. Everything about him is a miracle to me. 18 weeks to go! We hope it flies by!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A beautiful San Francisco day

Tanner was home for a quick weekend for a trip to Kaiser for his mission physical. John had to be at a Emergency Prep Fair at Northgate most of Saturday and Tanner wanted to go do something - so after a stop in at Northgate we went to San Francisco for the day. (Just the two of us) The weather was gorgeous! There was a big sail boat race out in the bay, we went to my favorite french bakery and explored the North Beach neighborhood. Then we went to this park near the Museum of Modern Art - I'd never been here before and it was really pretty. We made a quick stop in Union Square so I could return something and called it a day. A very nice day - wish you could have all been there with us - it really was beautiful! It was fun to have Tanner home for a visit - even if it was just a quick one.

Our new talent...

Our latest addition to the nursery is the changing table I bought on craigslist back before we were pregnant. It was a real steal... just $100! It was bright white and I wanted it to match the crib, so we sanded it and painted it beige and added cute hardware. It was a pretty fun project, and quite a deal, $30 for primer and paint and $30 for knobs. You could never find a changing table this fabulous in a store for $160! Needless to say, I am pretty proud. 21 weeks down, 19 to go!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Am I allowed a favorite??

Autumn is the cutest. (the one with dark hair and pig tails) I know I should love them all the same, but she has the most personality and is the happiest most of the time. Spring and Winter, the identical ones, require more attention than you can give to a triplet sometimes. Autumn is walking now and is so funny I just laugh at her all day long! Spring is not in these pictures because she pretty much has cried ever since Summer left. She misses mommy. Winter and Autumn are happy to have me as a surrogate for a few days. They love me : )

What we do AFTER dinner....

They love the shower! Autumn crawls around the water to play with the toys and Spring never moves from being right under it. When they are all in there they have fun, but getting them in and out alone is a nightmare... By this time it is bedtime so they get tired and grumpy and wow... I run out of patience. This is the best job to have when you are expecting your first baby... one will seem like a piece of cake! I'll have to remind myself of that frequently when he arrives.

Triplets + Spaghetti = DISASTER

So I spent the last 3 days with the babies while the rest of the family is on vacation. It has been exhausting and eye opening to be with them by myself for 24 hours a day! I told John I wasn't so sure I wanted twins anymore! They are so cute and funny but wow... what a handful! They just started eating dinner in their high chairs with real food and they LOVE it! This was so entertaining to watch them eat spaghetti and meatballs with their hands. Needless to say, we went straight to the shower after dinner. I got a work out running up and down the stairs to put one baby in the shower at a time. They seriously are the funniest babies... but my goodness, I think God knew what he was doing when he gave me one baby instead of 2!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A few more pics of our house...

Our House!

We have been meaning to put some pictures of our house on the blog, but we wanted to wait until we painted and we just finished painting our living room and kitchen today. So here are some pics! It looks completely different from before when it was just a bachelor pad...I guess it just needed a woman's touch : )