Friday, July 17, 2009

Girls Trip to Denver

Last week I got to get away for a girls weekend in Denver. Why Denver? Because it is getting harder and harder to get together with my daughters and being away from their kids is difficult - as is flying with them. So I looked at a map a few months ago when the girls were in Minnesota, Arizona, And Utah and decided Denver looked like a good midway point. (Actually Omaha Nebraska was a central location too but it didn't take me long to choose between the two.) So we eventually all arrived in Denver and headed to this cool downtown historic hotel.

When we got to our beautiful rooms there was a gorgeous bouquet of red and white roses in each room and gift certificates for all 4 of us for the spa - a surprise from John. I am so lucky to be married to such a thoughtful and romantic guy!

We had fun staying with the babies and staying up late and talking and catching up.The next day Alex was the center of attention for a number of reasons - she is cute and funny AND because there was a traumatic incident involving her, a 1st responder, fire department, paramedics, an ambulance ride, and a visit to the Children's Hospital. If you want to hear the whole story - Summer tells it best.
Go here:

Here's the only picture we got of the girls together - later that day when we took a stroll thru downtown Denver.
The next day was planned in shifts - we took turns going to the spa (and really relaxing) and going down to enjoy High Tea. Every day should be like this - Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

It was time to go all too soon. The 3 day trip went by so fast - it was so great to see my darling grandkids and watch them interact with each other.
Naomi was giving Madden the funniest looks -

It was a great trip - I'm blessed to have 3 beautiful daughters who are all willing to make time for us to all be together - even though it is logistically complicated on their end - we had such a good time I am already brainstorming on when and how to do it again :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Great Job Landon!

This is my favorite picture from the bike trip (so I had to post a big one).  This is Landon riding through Tahoe with Donner Lake in the background.  This was a big accomplishment - one he can be proud of and will always remember.  Landon said it was definitely the hardest thing he has ever done.  He's certainly earned his bragging rights.

Landon Bikes Across California

Last Monday Landon headed out for his Priest/Teacher High Adventure Activity
They loaded up their bikes and gear and headed for the Nevada border where they would begin their bike trek across California.

the whole group

Here they are at Carson Pass -the highest point of the trip - they climbed 4,000 feet

Here they are at the end of day one - after riding 31 miles - mostly uphill.

This is Fiddletown - Landon says there's nothing there and he won't be going back :)

Wednesday they rode 81 miles in 1 day!  It was the toughest day - the reward was they got to stay at a home with a great pool on Wed night - everyone went swimming - I don't know how they had a drop of energy left.

Crossing the Delta by Ferry

Somehow they still managed to squeeze in a game of  ultimate frisbee on Thursday.
Posing for their pictures for the local paper.

Here they are - victorious - as they dip their feet into the Pacific Ocean at Bodega Bay after cycling nearly 300 miles - AMAZING!  Way to go Landon - We're proud of you!