Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tanner, you are always welcome here. Maybe we could hike a portion of the applachian trail or something. or we could go to Cedar Point, which is supposed to have the best roller coasters in the u.s. We're having a good time with tiff and shell here. I was at jury duty most of the week, which was actually pretty interesting. We found the guy guilty of attempted kidnapping. Our judge was a linebacker for the Browns from 1975-1985. And we're still eating like kings thanks to Faye stocking the house with food for meals. Hope you guys are all good. talk to you soon.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

hey summer, i hope you've remebered that you have another brother besides landon because you've invited everyone to your humble cleaveland home except me

-that one kid back home

Noah and Alex are having fun with their Aunties!

Noah's Lip

The pictures don't really do it justice. These were taken the day after the accident but he actually looks worse now. His lip is even more swollen and discolored and his chin has a dark purple bruise. Our table has a knick in it where his tooth hit. The cut on the outside of his lip isn't too bad but the inside has a 1/2 inch gash. What a tough kid!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Proof that the fun has just begun . . .

This is Tanner at age 3 - proof that boys will be boys!

How is Noah?

Does Noah's cut lip rival Tanner's cut lip when he was 21/2? I hope not! This is probably just the beginning . . . I hope Noah has a speedy recovery from his latest accident.

Another cute one

She's adorable!

One of my favorite pics

This is just one of the pictures I was showing off at church of my darling grandchildren.

Give them hugs and kisses for me!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

All right, this blog is starting to get good! I love it!
Noah got his first big owie tonight. He fell headfirst out of his highchair and smacked his face on the table. His tooth went right through his bottom lip. It was pretty scary for a few minutes because he was gushing blood everywhere. Paul thought maybe he'd knocked some teeth out and I was afraid he'd bit his tongue off! We weren't sure if the gash was bad enough to go to the ER for stitches so we called a couple of doctors in the ward for a second opinion and decided against it. I was sure glad it didn't happen when I was home alone with the 2 kids. Paul keeps wondering why we had 2 kids! JK. We'll plan on doing webcam wednesday night. Sorry it didn't work out tonight, I've been cleaning blood out of clothes, towels, and the couch.

We love Grandma!

Noah says hi to everybody

Pretty in Pink

Alex looks pretty cute in the hairbow her mommy made for her!

Alex's first outing

Saturday, March 11, 2006

the bloghunt

the bloghunt

Paul, President Hinckley once said, "If your under 30 and your not a have no heart, but if your over 30 and not a conservative you have no brain" So when you get interviewed for jury duty, say something that makes common sense....they'll label you a wacko christian right wing nut case and throw you out. Or better yet, show up late...and tell the judge you were busy watching Fox News and could not leave until it was over. What are you going to do in the 08 elections?? you will find yourself having to decide between Hillary and about 10 possible republican choices that blow her away...please, please...tell me you will not vote for that communist witch. Ok, nuff said.

Faye loved her trip to Cleveland, and I think it had a very positive effect on her health, she seems to be doing great. We missed her tons, we ate like crap while you guys ate like owe me big time. Landon and Tanner cried every day for their mommy. I have failed at making men out of these boys! We look forward to our visit at the end of April...and cant wait to have your family here in June....when your here I'm going to introduce Noah to red meat, guns, 4 wheel drives, fox news and country club golf.....all this so I can off set the middle of the road anti capitalist rhetoric you and Summer are teaching him :)

Yeah? Well you've sent me a blog before, which of course I absorbed. I did not know you would ever send me a second insult, so.....catch-22.
Tanner, Abraham Lincoln once said, "If you are a right-wing nutjob, I will attack you with the North." Enough said.

the office

Hey Paul, do you have a word you can use besides the term "right-wing?" You know, something a little less offensive, because that can be under certain connotations.



Hey John, I'm glad you got on. We had a great time having mom here, and we're excited for Tiff and Shell to come on Monday. Noah is especially excited, and he keeps saying, "grandma, papa come airplane next month." It's my spring break next week, which I get to spend at jury duty. I think I'll go present myself as some sort of right-wing nutjob and they'll surely let me go home :). We're planning on doing webcam while tiff and shell are here, so just let us know what time works best for you guys. Talk to you soon.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm blog'n

the bloghunt: March 2006

Ok, forget that test blog...grandpa says hi to Alex and Noah!


the bloghuntsrthsrthgsrtgh

Sunday, March 05, 2006

First day home

By the way, we named her Alex Olivia...