Tuesday, April 29, 2008

free speech

im going to tell john to put this up on the grease monkey reader board

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Can't get enough of Boston

The first thing John and I did when we got to Utah was head straight over to see Boston (and John and Sheli too of course). We can't get over how much bigger he's gotten in the last month. He is so darling. We all went out to dinner - but Boston slept thru it all - so Michele met up with us at the Temple after Matt's wedding the next day so we could visit some more. Boston kept us all entertained this time over lunch. Our only complaint was that we didn't get enough of him. He is too cute - ooops did I say that already? Guess it's the doting Grandma coming out in me.

Boston's new tricks

Boston had several new tricks to show off - standing up, hand signals (I'd have to explain that one), and a darling giggle.

Boston's not too sure about us . .

This was the face Boston would make when Grandpa would make funny noises and try to get a laugh out of Boston. He wasn't too sure about either one of us. He is just so dang cute we couldn't leave him alone - even if he obviously does like his Mommy better.

Matt & Tawny's Wedding

John and I left Friday afternoon to take a quick trip to Utah to attend Matt Alexander's wedding. They were married in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple (which is very beautiful) Saturday morning and then we went to the reception in Orem and then dashed to Michele's to change clothes quick and get one more quick visit with Boston and then off to the airport to be home Sat. night. It was pretty much a 1 day/1 night trip. but we felt lucky we got to go. Matt's a happy guy and his new wife is very sweet.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stake Conference weekend with Elder Cordova

We had the privilege of having Elder Cordova stay with us this weekend during his visit here for Stake Conference. He was wonderful to all of us and had the most interesting stories to tell about his experiences with the Apostles and the First Presidency. It was a real treat to hear all that he had to share with us. He gave us more insight into the sacrifices the General Authorities and their families make on our behalf. I am so grateful for all that they do to bless our lives and keep the work going. What incredible people! It was a very memorable weekend for all of us and our Stake Conference was incredible!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

In his own words...

1:40 AM Elder Fillerup and I making great use of the few hours of sleep we get every night.
1:41 AM Good times breaking rules and messin around the MTC
1:35 AM Busting my midnight back flip in silence.
1:35 AM Landing my backflip in silence.
1:30 AM Jumping over Elder Fillerup in our hallway.
We heard voices so in a matter of a few ninja seconds we stuff all 40 of the mattresses we used in this storage room we broke into that has probably 500 mattresses inside it. This was the last of them all.

Bouldering Competition in Berkeley

Friday night there was a climbing competition in Berkeley. John and I went and watched Landon compete and took pictures. He's looking pretty good! Tanner would be proud.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Boston /Michele Resemblance

One of the fun things about spending so much time with Boston the last few weeks is watching to see who he really looks like. He's changed so much, and sometimes he'd make a certain face or expression and he would totally look like his Daddy - especially his eyes. Then other times I would have a deja vu moment and I thought he looked exactly like Michele did when she was his age. I tried to find pictures to prove my point - see what you think. (Boston's are on the right and Michele's are on the left if it's not obvious)
Mostly what I realized looking through our old photos is what a lousy photographer I was at that point. Michele and Summer, thankfully, are doing a better job photographing their kids than I did at the beginning. Keep up the picture taking!

See what you think . . .

Landon's picks

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Landon becomes a snowboarder

Ben Alexander and Landon - goofing off in the snow
Last Friday John and Landon went to Tahoe. Landon got his first crack at snowboarding. After taking a 2 hour class he hit the slopes. Landon said he liked snowboarding 10 times better than skiing. He plans on snowboarding lots more next year. With friends in Reno (Tanner Chatterly) and Canada (Sam Simpson) he figures he'll have buddies to hook up with on the slopes. John said he got pretty good for his first day.