Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sun Valley

This is where we spent a few days last week. What made it so wonderful?

#1 It is in Sun Valley! It was spectacularly gorgeous there. Everything looked like this:

#2 This is right across the street - you can't see it but there is a trail and it we (John and I) walked jogged around the mountain and thru town - an 8 mile loop. It was so gorgeous I didn't care how long we were out running/walking. I LOVED this place.

3. There was pond for Boston to throw rocks in the "wogger" which he would be happy to do 24/7 with his Grandpa.

4. Our backyard faced a gold course and at night we took it over. An impromptu game of baseball -

(This was Michele's home run)

5. One afternoon we heard someone calling - we were looking around and then saw that Landon and Tanner Chatterly were at the top of the mountain - (those 2 specks are them).

6. They also hopped on the bikes a few times and road around on the trails
(truthfully the expressions on their face tell the true story - they wish they had been in Sun Valley for the winter season to snowboard - they weren't crazy about the small town/quiet summer vibe).

but admit it guys - this picture with everyone smiling is proof you still had fun.

#7 Spending more time with the grandkids. We've been lucky lately. This all happened because Michele and John decided to drive out to California to surprise John on his birthday/Father's day weekend. Tanner told them we would be in Idaho that weekend at his best friends wedding so we figured out a place in Idaho to meet up with them and make it all happen.
Isn't she just the cutest?
And him?

#8 Being with the grandkids any where is a blast - but I really loved Sun Valley. Thanks for coming to spending the Father's Day weekend with us - it was great!

Father's Day

On Saturday we drove to Rexburg to attend Alden and Ashley's wedding. Alden was Tanner's best friend all through High School - we wanted to be there.
The Temple was beautiful . . .

The bride and groom looked so happy - along with their families. We were so happy for all of them. Tanner got to see some friends he hasn't seen since before his mission. It was a great day for everyone.

Back to Sun Valley to hang with the family some more.

Landon and Naomi after church (in a very small ward).

So here we all are . . . (photo courtesy of Tanner Chatterly who came up with us)

and here's the gang with me behind the camera.

Hope it was a memorable birthday/Father's Day John :) We all love you!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lucky Me

A couple of weeks ago (I know I am way delayed on this post) my girlfriend Linda called me -
the cute one here on the left. She was in town and wanted to know if I could get away and meet her and her sister Shelly for dinner. Well I jumped at the chance and got out of my obligations for the evening. This is the first time in about 18 years (if I am remembering right) that the three of us have all been together again. Much too long!

19 years ago the three of us took a trip together. It was the trip of a lifetime - a whirlwind tour of Europe - my first time there. I can't believe it's been that long ago but all the wonderful memories are still there. As we talked about some of our fun experiences on that trip it was funny how it didn't seem like all that long ago. It made us all want to go and pull out some pictures from our adventure - so here are a few:

Here we are in Nice, France
This was a fabulous day in Bath, England . . .
Here we are in Rome . . .
and shopping in Florence, Italy.

It's great to have long time friends - even better that despite the time and distance we can still pick up right where we left off - and reminisce about the past and talk about the present.
Thanks for the reunion Linda - it was so much fun!

In case you didn't notice the "baby bump" in the first picture Shelly is having her 1st babies - twin girls. I am pretty certain this is going to get "Aunt Linda" out to California a lot more often in the next little while. I hope to see a lot more of both of them. I love them both -
Lucky me to have such great friends.

PS - Happy Birthday today Linda. You're still just as young and fun as ever.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Quick Trip to Utah

I did something totally spontaneous last week - I went off to Utah with less than a day's notice. (Thanks everyone for covering for me and making it possible) - I was so glad I went. I had a fantastic time.

Michele and John put us up at their home where we had the pleasure of being with Boston and Naomi all the time - so fun!

We love all the time we get to spend with them (even though it still isn't enough)
Naomi loves to be held, and played with.

She is definitely a cuddler - it is so sweet.
We had a blast with Boston . . .

He loved the ballon stuff I got him - although Michele may be sick of it about now.
Then to top it all off Summer and Paul had just flown into Utah to visit his family and we got to meet up with them for a wonderful breakfast - on Summer's Birthday! Perfect ending to a wonderful 3 days with the family. Thanks everyone!