Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Kaui Pics!

Here's a couple more pictures of the resort we stayed at, a picture of us at our favorite beach (Hanalei Bay) and a picture of our last night eating dinner at our favorite restaurant. And the very last picture we took just for John ; )

Honeymoon in Kaui!

We had so much fun on Kaui! And we took so many cool pics, it was hard to decide which ones to put on the blog! So I am going to first post some from our helicopter tour (which was our favorite thing!) and then I will post a few more in a separate posting. These pics show one of us on the helicopter, one of the aerial view of the resort we stayed at, one of "Jurassic Park" Falls, and then one of the Na'pali coastline.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our Little Miracle

John thinks I'm weird for showing you these pictures, but I am amazed already at how far our little baby has come already! The first picture is the embryo the day it was transfered when it was just a cluster of six cells... and now at 7 weeks pregnant we have a baby with a beating heart! In the dark sac is a small white grain of rice and you cant see it, but its heart is pumping like crazy!
After our ultra sound we went to Mandarin for dinner. My fortune is above our ultra sound picture... seems pretty accurate!
Only seven months to go!

Monday, June 11, 2007

its on

Here is a picture i took of randy's shoes before i left.. he described them as the best shoes he has ever owned.. tiff.. i lied.. that was the worst bundt cake i have ever tasted.. i threw it up shortly ever and your pancakes are a close second to worst.. i also got this picture of randy.. it is a people magazine exclusive of the dress before the wedding..(you guys don't know what you have started)..

John's Tendencies.......

We had lots of fun with Michele and John while they were here! And the concert was pretty awesome...but no one was more "urbanized" than John! He was up dancing and clapping his hands, shouting out at the top of his lungs "I love you, Keith Urban!" Randy and I were a little concerned...we are starting to think he was born with tendencies....

We've been Urbanized...

These are some pictures from our weekend in Arizona. John came up with Keith Urbans new slogan, "Get Urbanized" He was pretty proud of it and John was by far the most urbanized of all! The concert made him a big fan and that made me very happy!
We met Tanner for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory before the concert. He is always making me laugh and we can't hang out together without reminicing about Guatemala non stop.
This is John and I at the best concert of my life!

Tiff and Randy surprised us with a Baby Cake. It was so delicious. We ate some after the concert but had to leave them the leftovers when we left cuz it would have melted in the car. Thanks you guys... that was sweet!
Saturday we ate at In n Out since we don't have them in Utah. And John bought Tiff and I roses from some lady on the sidewalk and Tiff and Randy are being silly... oh, and Randy wears white flip flops.

The kids' favorite summer treat

Alex is scary with these things! She can't feed them to herself so Noah shares with her. When he offers her a bite she closes her eyes and opens her mouth so big you think she's gonna eat you!

Dr. Noah

Noah loves to pretend he's a doctor like daddy. He gets a white apron from the kitchen cupboard and listens to everyone's heart with daddy's stethoscope. When he hears the heartbeat his eyes get big and he starts giggleing.

Quotes from Noah

"Mom, I just need coke everyday. When Daddy goes to work, I need coke."

Talking about our upcoming trip to Arizona...
"But what kind of grandpa is it going to be mommy?" I told him his Grandpa Hunt would be there and his eyes got really big and he smiled and giggled and said, "Grandpa Hunt? Oh, I love Grandpa Hunt!"

Sunday, June 03, 2007

11 more days...

We are starting to get lots of wedding presents sent to Randy's house as the wedding date gets closer and closer... : ) And Randy always saves the packages for me to open cuz he knows how much I love it! Since I have already had a total of 4 bridal showers, pretty soon we aren't going to have any more room to put all these gifts!