Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why I LOVED Provence!

I got to spend 9 incredible days in Provence, in the south of France. I came home with over 1500 photos and way too many good things to say about it all so I didn't know where to begin. So rather than bore you with a travel log I will just try to share some of the things that I LOVED!
Watch out - there is going to be a lot to love here . . .


We flew into Geneva so we drove south through the French Alps - the pictures don't begin to do it justice. It was incredible - dramatic mountains, we even drove by glaciers, and there were wild flowers everywhere. Simply breathtaking.

Provencal Countryside

We would take off early in the mornings and drive through the countryside - these tree lined roads were so gorgeous!

There were orchards, vineyards, olive groves, and flowers everywhere.

The fields of poppies were amazing -

and there were all kinds of other wild flowers everywhere -

Then there were surprises like this in the village of Rousillion - ochre mountains

If it had been August these lavendar fields would have been dark purple.

Like I said - you had to be there - these pictures don't begin to show how breathtaking it was.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Flowers!!!!

There were flower markets all over - as many as boulangeries. I couldn't figure out how all these flower shops could stay in business - then I watched as the locals would come into town and pick up their fresh bread and their fresh flowers. Wow! It is a staple in the French way of life and I loved it.

While I was there the peonies were in season and we saw them everywhere in every shade.

Flower boxes were along the streets, planted pots in town, and just gorgeous flowers everywhere we looked.

Friday, June 24, 2011

French Food

I can't say enough about French food - quite by accident we ended up staying at a place where the Chef there was also teaching a cooking school to people from all over the globe. It was one of my favorite places for many reasons -

#1 Look at this place - it was gorgeous

this is the lane at the entrance to the Chateau -

from the front -

from the back of the chateau -

So of course we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner here -

#2 Look at this food - I've never had anything like it before and probably never will again.

Of course there was all kinds of other incredible meals - the french have got this down!

Charming Villages

We sent to so many charming beautiful villages I couldn't begin to share all of them - so here's a
sampling of just one of the villages we went to - Tourettes-sur-Loup . . .

We walked thru the little alleys - it was gorgeous, not a single tourist anywhere, just the local children and a few elderly people.

No wonder we loved it right?