Monday, March 16, 2009

4 Fun Filled Days in Phoenix

I just got back from 4 fun filled days in Phoenix with Tiffany. Tiffany was on her spring break from Kindergarten and I had planned on going out to help her finish up her baby nursery. She was so excited about the project that she was pretty much done - so we weren't buried with any big projects - just a few finishing touches. It left a lot of time for shopping for baby clothes, just visiting and having fun. A very relaxing and fun week! I love hanging out with my daughters.
An added bonus - we got to meet up with Lynnette and Dave who were in Phoenix for the weekend. Lynnette's youngest little guy looks just like Lynnette did when she was little. I love that I've known Lynnette since she was a baby and I can't wait to see what Tiffany's little boy will look like - I'll be back in Arizona in May for the big event!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Cottage gets a make-over -

This last year the cottage has been my work station for cutting out patterns, storing fabric, etc but I decided it was time to make it more user friendly for when the kids come to visit (like the end of March). There was a bed upstairs and my treadmill downstairs but not much else inviting.

So I decided to do the "design on a dime" concept and try to fix it up a little. I found a couch and coffee table on Criag's list, hit a great consignment sale, and gathered misc stuff from storage that I wasn't using. Then I enlisted Bonnie's help to make it all come together.

Here's the barren look I had going before -

Now - VOILA! Bonnie came and did her magic arranging all my odds and ends and misc to look totally wonderful. She really has a talent - it was such a fun day.

I forgot to take before pictures of the bedroom - but it was just a bed and an empty dresser - now it's much better . . . .
The black round mirror was a hideous gold thing I found at a consignment sale - I taped it off and spray painted it black and it works great. I am so proud of my cheap deals!
Here's what we did in the kitchen - Bonnie is all about the "details" She even arranged things on the top of my fridge - that's a first for me!

So for my kids and all my out-of-town girlfriends - I'm ready! Come and pay me a visit. I've got things ready for guests!
Thanks again to Bonnie - she was fantastic. It really got me started - now I want to pull all the weeds that you can see from the cottage windows, purge through my closets and make my house more in order, and get up EVERY morning and hop on the treadmill and enjoy my new view. Not to mention it is really nice once in a while to accomplish something that you can actually see the fruits of your labor and that lasts (I guess that's why laundry, cooking and housework fails to feel all that rewarding). This was a mission accomplished. Now I'm assessing what my next project will be. :)