Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Santa's Visit

Santa paid our house a visit - and brought some toys to entice the kids to come his way. OIt worked for Boston -

and Naomi was right up on Santa's lap checking him out . . .

This is what happened when we tried to get Madden closer -

So Naomi was the first to open her present -
then Boston joined in -
It was so fun to have Santa here visiting my grandkids. The last time Santa was at our house Michelle was 3 and Tiffany was 5 - now Santa was here in my living room again to visit their kids. It was very nostalgic - it doesn't seem like that long ago.

Even Madden finally agreed - our Santa was awesome! Thanks Santa - what a wonderful night!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Going to Fentons is a family REQUIREMENT when the girls are in town. Their husband have all become converts too and make sure we go whenever they're here.

So here's the 3 son-in-laws with their kids all ready to head off to Fentons.

Everyone is happy at Fentons. We train them young to carry on the family tradition.

The whole clan - I don't know why we have menus - we all know exactly what we want when we get there.

Temple Lights

Monday night after our dinner at Fentons we took everyone up to see the Temple Lights and the Visitors Center. My camera failed to capture the Temple Christmas lights but we got some cute family pictures -

Paul, Summer, & Avery

Randy, Madden, & Tiffany

Naomi, John, Boston, & Michele

The grandkids: at the fountain -

and at the Visitors Center.
It's been quite a while since we had a Family Night with that much of the family - it was fun.

An Early Christmas in Livermore

My Mom wanted us to come out to Livermore for a family dinner on a night that we'd have the most great grandkids in town. That was the day after the wedding - nice not having to think about what to feed our crowd. My Mom made a meal similar to a Thanksgiving feast and then she had presents for everyone. It was like an early Christmas!

Avery checking out her new beanie baby . . .

Our Christmas party in full swing . . .

This was my favorite part - all 4 of my Mom and Dad's great grandkids on their laps for a photo op. Yes - that is them trying to hang on to 4 kids all under 3. I had to take the picture fast - but it is priceless!

Thanks Mom and Dad for the great Christmas party!

The Wedding Day

It was 5 weeks ago today - and I'm finally catching my breath and trying to update the blog so here it goes:

Tanner & Josie's wedding day was perfect!!!! Everything was wonderful - Josie even got her outdoor photos after the forecast had predicted high winds and heavy rain all day. I was expecting the worst and then we got lucky. Don't they look beautiful together?!

The happy couple with their close friends and family -

At the wedding luncheon - all smiles . . .

The reception was a fabulous party - dancing, great food, a "very memorable" slide show, and a happy groom and beautiful bride. I don't think I ever stopped smiling.

Welcome to the family Josie! We're so excited for both of you.