Monday, August 30, 2010

Hobble Creek Half Marathon

9 days ago we were in Utah for John, Michele, and Tiffany to run in the Hobblecreek Half Marathon. Landon and I came to play with the kids and cheer in our runners.

(I am a slacker when it comes to running - I'm sticking to my 1 hr work outs thank you)

Tiffany came in strong . . . (in fact she is going to run in a full marathon next month)

Michele came across the finish line with a smile on her face. She told me later the first 8 miles she was thinking it was the funnest thing she had ever done in her life - after mile 8 her opinion changed a bit.

John's my hero. He can do a LOT of things I can't do - this is just one of them. He pushed himself hard and did it (even when he had the occasional last minute second thoughts about this whole thing - he hung in there and did it). I'm proud of you - you'll never see me out there running for 13+ miles.

Here's our runners - happy to be finished!

I am proud of all of them. While I was visiting Tiffany in Chicago she was getting up at 5 am to get her running in before the heat - and Michele - with 2 kids under age 2 - I don't know how she managed to train at all. Not to mention John fitting yet another thing into an already over loaded schedule. It was quite extraordinary that they all did what they did.

As for me - I will never hear people cheering for me, yelling at me "Good Job! Finish strong", no clapping as I cross the finish line.

but the marathon was a great excuse to get together with the kids and grandkids. And when we left to go home Naomi cried -HARD - I mean really sad and distraught that we were leaving.
That's enough for me :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

I found these shirts in Chicago - I HAD to get the "Boston" shirt for Boston and of course the "Chicago" shirt was perfect for Madden -our little Chicago grandson.
We all think the cousins look more alike now that they have the same haircut.
Putting them on the stairs seemed to be my best bet for getting any pictures - they are both on the run all the time.
A hot day requires popsicles - (which requires stripping down to their diapers so we don't ruin their clothes)
Good call don't you think?

Hamming it up . . .
Grandpa was ready for a water fight -

Boston took on everyone.

Nothing like the simple pleasures of a summer afternoon.

Summer Fun

Thursday we took the kids to an indoor pool/play area - and they LOVED it!
How cute is she with her little water shoes?
Madden was fearless.
Enjoying the lazy river -

There was a big water slide that was really fast. Boston loved it - as he splashed down he would scream "Again!"
Madden was not quite as sure.

Even Naomi gave it a try.
We wore the kids out. Naomi was tired and she just snuggled up to Landon.
(I love this picture)

Landon was a BIG help. I waded around with my camera taking pictures - but Landon was there to take the kids on water slides, down the lazy river, and make sure every kid was having fun and had a big person to hang on to (the girls would have been out numbered without him). It was a fun day.

Don't you just love a warm summer night?

Tiffany and Madden came to Utah for the upcoming Half Marathon and John, Landon, and I arrived on Wednesday afternoon in time to enjoy a warm summer evening of playing in the yard with the kids.

Naomi was giving out kisses to everyone . . .

Bu there were a few melt downs - pretty funny I must admit.
This is Boston when he is really ticked . . .
But mostly we just played . . .

Check out the wind up that Boston uses . . .
There's nothing like a warm summer night and being together with the family.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Family time with Tiff, Randy, and Madden

This fountain at Millennium Park is like nothing I've ever seen before. It's huge - and the images on the two matching towers keep changing.

On a hot day it was the perfect place to splash around a bit.

Madden loved it! He just goes in a straight line so if someone was in his path they had to move.
Every so often the water would spout out - the kids would all gather under it and scream. It was pretty entertaining just to people watch here.

But of course I thought this little guy was the cutest one there.
I can't thank Tiff and Randy enough for entertaining me for the week - I had a blast!

Of course this little guy was the main attraction.
He has changed so much since I last saw him in February. He has the cutest personality.

I'm in love!

Chicago Highlights . . .

Tiffany and I took in a lot of sights - Madden was willing to go for hours and hours in his stroller - such a mellow kid.

Here we are at the Bean in Millennium Park

It is a pretty cool piece of modern art. It reflects the cityscape and everyone around it.

This is the optical illusion you see from the underside.

It is such a beautiful city.
I love taking the water taxis.

The architecture is just amazing.