Sunday, January 10, 2010

Isn't this beautiful!

Isn't this building gorgeous? For the past 6 or 8 weeks John has been telling me he was going to take me out to Santa Rosa to see his completed project at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Between the holidays and other conflicts we hadn't found a day to do it until yesterday. Hunt Masonry built this building on the campus - it is a Science and Student Center building. It is enormous and absolutely beautiful!

It's so big it is hard to get a picture to do it justice. I was really blown away - it was amazing.
John has done a lot of impressive projects over the last 25 years he has run his business - but this one is my new favorite of all his work.

The brick paving is beautiful too.

The campus has some beautiful old oak trees and the other buildings are all brick as well - it really makes for a gorgeous campus.
And it's not just me that was so impressed. The architect for the project came out and saw the completed building and said it was the most beautiful brick work he had ever seen.

I'm so proud of you John! This will be pretty cool to be able to show your children and grandchildren that you are responsible for all of this. WOW!!!!!
Thanks for the Santa Rosa date - I loved it all.