Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy 15th Landon!

It's hard to believe 15 years have gone by!!!

You were so cute!!! (and still are)

There are so many things I love about Landon - I'll just mention a few: like what an easy going nice kid he has always been. No wonder he's the favorite with the grandkids:

He has always been pretty much a happy cheerful kid that is fun to be around.

He has always had a passion for sports. He used to amaze everyone with his sports facts knowledge when he was very little. Now I appreciate how hard he is willing to work to get to participate in the sports that he loves.

He always is saying thank you for everything! He's been like that ever since he was old enough to talk. He's so appreciative - another great quality to have.

He's the most obedient kid ever - he has always done whatever we ask him to do. He's always been like that. I think that is pretty amazing. He gets up and goes to seminary every morning - without ever sleeping in, ever being late, or ever whining about it. That is ultra - amazing given the track record at our house :) He has no idea HOW MUCH I appreciate that about him.

Landon's funny - I love his sense of humor. We will think that he's not even paying attention to what we're talking about at the dinner table and then he will throw in a hilarious comment - it cracks me up! And I will never forget his Napoleon Dynamite impersonations - pretty funny.

Sometimes I feel bad that you are at the tail end of the family - you were still little when all your brothers and sisters were nearly gown up . . .

but there are also some perks - being the "baby" of the family you were always everyone's favorite . . .

We've had some GREAT adventures!!!! And I am sure I have had more one on one time with you than with my other children - and that has been a pleasure for me.
(tandem parasailing in South Carolina) (climbing a glacier in Norway)

You were the kid that we almost didn't get - I am so grateful that we finally got you here. I often think about what a miracle all that was - when after tests, infertility treatment and surgery the Dr. finally said I wouldn't be able to have any more children - and then you finally joined our family. It was meant to be - I can't imagine my life without you.

We love you Landon!!! Happy Birthday. I'm looking forward to all the things we will get to do together before you leave me and I'm an official empty nester.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Landon's Birthday (a week early)

I think it is pretty hard to come up with ideas for a 15 year old boys birthday. I mentioned a few ideas to Landon but obviously nothing sounded that great to him. John came to the rescue:
He found out about a 49er home game that was being played on a Thursday night (not a typical Sunday) and got a great deal on tickets. Landon and John headed off to the game Thursday night and had a great time. Landon's birthday present - check, Landon's birthday party - check. Awesome!!! Thanks John and Happy pre- birthday Landon.