Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just for grandma

we thought since we got to see grandpa today, and not you, that we would make you a video of what boston looked like when he saw grandpa. this is nothing excited. he was mostly just whiney that he couldn't suck on my camera. oh well, we miss you anyway.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Friday Fun

Life seems to be busier than ever before - but I've decided to make sure that in spite of all the "stuff" there is to do I make time for people. The last 2 Fridays have been full of fun doing just that - This week John's sister, Robyne, and her 2 daughters were staying with us. Friday I took them all to my favorite little French Bistro in San Francisco for lunch and we shopped along Polk St (also one of my favorite neighborhoods in the City). We had a lot of fun - visiting, exploring, and I even got a little start on my Christmas shopping.
The weekend before I drove up to Tahoe on Friday with my book club group. We had a surprise little snow storm and we decided to stay in at Charlotte's cabin and enjoyed a night and the following day of just relaxing, eating, and most of all visiting with each other. What a wonderful group of friends. I had so much fun!!!!

Tahoe is gorgeous any time of year - we took a nice walk around the golf course

All 7 of us enjoying the first snow!
Life is GOOD!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Highlights of our Minnesota Trip

I got to spend last week with my Minnesota grandkids! Yes they do live far away - but it was nice to see their new home and surroundings. Minnesota was very beautiful, their Ward was friendly and I got to meet lot of Summer's new friends. I can see why they love it there. We also got to take a little tour of the Mayo Clinic and hospitals where Paul now works. It was enormous and very impressive. The architecture and surroundings were gorgeous - you felt like you were in the lobby of a 4 star hotel rather than a hospital. Very cool!
But of course the highlight of the trip centered around spending time with Noah and Alex -
Noah petting the stingrays at the Minneapolis Aquarium
(He also pet some baby sharks - pretty fun!)

Alex loved it too . . . .
Noah showing off his tiger arms - hilarious!

Of course Grandparents can't resist getting fun stuff for thier grandkids-

Alex with her "Fancy Nancy"doll
very appropriate because Alex loves to be "fancy"
Noah loves sharks and anything to do with the ocean

Here we are with the kids in downtown Rochester
The week went all too fast and it was sadder than it has ever been before to say goodbye to Summer and the kids. It's only been a week and I miss them all already.