Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break - Landon style

Landon wanted to use his Spring Break to get out snowboarding again for the last time of the season. We headed to Reno - where we stayed at the Chatterly's and Landon, Tanner, and Seth went snowboarding at Mt. Rose Thursday.
Then on Friday Landon and I headed off for South Lake Tahoe - where Landon met up with Jeff Wadman to see what the Sierra slopes had to offer. (what a great Young Men's advisor!)
You can see by the pictures what a gorgeous day it was. I spent most of it here - on the deck, with no coat, watching the skiers and reading a good book (until I realized I was getting a sunburn). It was a nice relaxing day inside as well - Landon had fun and we headed home at the end of the day. There are certainly perks (for both me and Landon) for being the only child. Any guesses what John did Friday while we were in Tahoe? Yep - we all had fun!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Day Trips with the Grandkids -

I am always asking other peoples advice on what to do to keep my grandkids happy and busy when they visit - it's been quite a few years since mine were that age. So this trip we went to some tried and true destinations and even tried out some new places. Here's our itinerary in a nutshell - Good old Cowell Park -across the street from our house.

This park is in Danville - just a mile or so past the Danville Stake Center - it was big and lots of fun for the kids.

Super Franks - A friend told me about this place in Pleasanton and we went to check it out. I thought it was fabulous for kids 5 and under - 3 huge rooms with every possible thing for kids to play with and run around with.

The cars were my favorite.

The Lindsay Wildlife Museum - the kids loved the animals and the play room there.

The Exploratorium - kept the kids happy and busy all day.

We had a great time. Being a Grandma is the best job in the world!

Naomi - the main attraction!

Everyone was so excited to get to meet little Naomi -

Isn't she adorable? Getting a group picture of the 4 cousins was another story - this photo sort of illustrates how things went down - Never a dull moment - let me tell you :)

Family Get Together

Last week we got to have all 3 of our daughters here at home together for a few days - something that hasn't happened in over 2 years we realized. You would have thought I would have gotten a "sister picture" but that somehow got missed. We did make some great memories though - and had a lot of fun together.

We did some outings - but a lot of the fun took place just at home hanging out together -

Thanks everyone for coming - we loved having you all here!!!