Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My 10 days in Utah -

My 10 days in Utah were a lot of fun - starting out with a beautiful Sunday afternoon drive thru the canyon - gorgeous colors -

Then the kids opened presents just for them to take to the hospital the next day -

They were excited - can you tell?
The next morning was REALLY exciting as Michele went into labor as she was getting prepped for her C-section.  Rowen was a beautiful baby . . .

her brother and sister were excited to meet her -

So cute!

The first few days I kept the kids busy at home and made visits to the hospital -

Once Rowen and Michele came home the main goal was to keep Boston and Naomi off of Michele's recovering tummy and off of the baby.  We went on exploring walks to give Mom time alone with the baby, rode go-carts, had a dance party (wish I had videos of that) and learned Halloween songs and played with my I-phone (Naomi loves that I-phone!) and gave Rowen her first bath. 
 It was non-stop action.

Usually I take literally hundreds of pictures - and some turn out.  Not anywhere close this time.  It was a full time job keeping Boston and Naomi busy and Rowen safe and sound :)

I got a few pictures of the kids that I loved their expressions -

Luckily Michele had someone wonderful lined up to take adorable pictures so there was no pressure.
She got shots like these . . . 

Thanks for sharing this wonderful time in your lives with me.  It was the best!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to the family - Rowen Faye Cloward

Little baby Rowen arrived Monday morning - she is adorable and I am in Grandma heaven :)
Her brother and sister love her and are pretty excited to have her come home today.
 She looks a lot like her brother Boston did and a lot like Michele as a newborn.
Michele is doing well after her C-section - the biggest challenge so far is keeping excited Naomi and Boston from jumping on her or Rowen :)  I'm enjoying being here at this special time - life is good!