Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to the family - Rowen Faye Cloward

Little baby Rowen arrived Monday morning - she is adorable and I am in Grandma heaven :)
Her brother and sister love her and are pretty excited to have her come home today.
 She looks a lot like her brother Boston did and a lot like Michele as a newborn.
Michele is doing well after her C-section - the biggest challenge so far is keeping excited Naomi and Boston from jumping on her or Rowen :)  I'm enjoying being here at this special time - life is good!


Tiffany said...

cute pic of Naomi meeting baby Rowen :) love her name, love the pics, wish i was there!!! :(

Bonnie said...

Both pictures are just precious. Is there anything better? If so I have yet to discover it! Congrats and best wishes to all. ♥ B